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The Smart phone revolution is well under way!  It seems like everyone has a smart phone these days, from retirees to elementary age kids….everyone is connected! If your company is “on the fence” considering if having a mobile app is the right investment…here are 5 things to consider.

1.  Your customers are mobile, your business should be too

2. Your customers want it –  Studies have proven that smart phone users prefer apps to mobile website to access information and purchase online.

3.  It’s a constant, direct link to your customers.  Apps can push new information, putting your latest offer/inventory in the palm of your customer’s hand immediately and at a significantly lower cost then a traditional media ad.

4. Keep Up with your competition – Most major retailers, businesses, and restaurants offer apps.  They realized from the beginning the importance of constant contact with customers.  In addition thousands of small to medium sized businesses in major cities have also jumped into the app game, and have seen great results.  Basically there are two types of businesses, those who have a mobile app, and those who don’t…which one do you want to be?

5.  It is not as expensive (or difficult) as you may think.  Prices are based on functionality and maintenance making them an affordable option for any business.

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